Sunday, September 27, 2009

reversible skirt

This is a skirt (recognize the cuboctahedron fabric?) I made as a mock-up to try and sell. The pattern is "Katie's Skirt" by Children's Corner. It is completely reversible. The black polka dotted side has two side pockets. The diamond side has no pockets, but I put a monogram on for added interest.

The pockets are even lined. Cute, huh?


A friend of mine gave me a big stash of fabric scraps. I especially loved this heavy red canvas and black denim. Also included in the stash was red strapping. I got a vision for this purse, which is patterned after a designer purse my sister bought for me, but gave to my mom because she fell in love with it. (But I'm not bitter.)


My oldest had an extra credit math assignment: construct a cuboctahedron

It is created with 6 squares and 8 equilateral triangles, sides being the same length as the sides of the squares. Each square is surrounded by 4 triangles, each triangle is surrounded by three squares.

Have a headache yet?

I helped her cut out the squares and triangles, pinned them for her, and she sewed it. Then she stuffed it and I whip stitched the last opening. We also embroidered her name on the ribbon, which is not visible in the photo.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Better than I had imagined.

collars & cats, with a side of crazy

Inspired by this genius, I went to one of our local thrift stores and took advantage of the 20 t-shirts for $2.00 deal. (No doubt you've already done the math in your head by now and figured that they cost 20 cents each.)

I picked 20 that I liked. Some are old. Some are tacky. Most have stains. But, with a pair of scissors, awesome inspiration, and kids who are asleep (because it is 2 in the morning... uh, how'd that happen?!?!) I had a blast making these:

This little tunic looks joyous because some dunce sewed the arms on wrong. Oh well, yay anyway!

Can't wait to see it on her. (I figure I'll tell folks that the shirt is saying "yay" because it only cost 20 cents!)


And then I swore that I would not sew arms on wrong again and started another project (who needs sleep anyway, right?)

The same dunce who sewed the sleeves on the blue tunic wrong also forgot to take before pictures of the shirts, so she took after pictures of the scraps. Note the stain on the orange t-shirt. Also, the black and white stripe shirt was from Ann Taylor. It was a little hard to take the scissors to that one. There wasn't a thing wrong with it.


Kitty says I need to go to bed, but she is glad I rescued her from the thrift store. She says thanks for not sparing the Ann Taylor tee and sewing her to such a quality shirt.

ps- 60 cents total cost

Sunday, September 20, 2009

my first applique

My friend, Tori, kept telling me that machine applique was as easy as pie. A recent project she did got me motivated to teach myself. I just needed a chunk of time to devote to the instruction.

I sat down yesterday for a couple of minutes and tried to do a fringed heart, but I quickly realized I should have waited to cut the fabric until after the embroidery was done, so I aborted that mission and thought I'd wait until today.

I didn't want to just make a mock-up that would not be usable, so I thought I'd put the applique on something that I could make into a pocket for a little girl's dress. Bingo Boingo and here it is.

The hardest thing of all was trying to decide what flavor I wanted the lollipop to be.
Also, attaching the bow makes it much cuter, don't you think?

Monday, September 7, 2009

couldn't help myself

I had to. It would be wrong not to have made it.

Look, it got the scraps off the dining room table, ok? Think of it as being thrifty.

Can't wait to put her in it tomorrow morning.

must. sleep. now.

disappearing nine patch

Though it is simply the top, and I still have several hours left to finish it, here is what I shall call the Tea Party Quilt. I can imagine my granddaughters, hair glistening in the sunshine, having their afternoon snack on the quilt that their grandmother made for them so many years ago.

And if I only have grandsons, well then, it can be a cape for superheros. We'll just ignore the pink accents.

This quilt is definitely quite labor-intensive. Fitting that I worked on it on Labor Day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

oops, well, mostly not about me

The Moms' Night Out sewing class went on the much anticipated field trip to the fabric store last night. I tried really hard to remember my mantra ("It's not about me. It's not about me.")

Let's just call it getting a jump on Christmas presents, ok?

from sleeveless maternity top..... adorable little girl's shirtdress.
(Can you tell it is my new favorite thing to make?)
*Although the fabric looks odd in the picture, it is simply a blue & white striped cotton broadcloth with white embroidered flowers - some of which have little, mirrored centers.