Friday, July 30, 2010

a huge chunk out of the way

Back in the fall of last year I was commissioned to make this quilt of love. The young woman for whom I made it asked me earlier this year to make one for her sister. She gave me a ton of t-shirts and equally as many fat quarters. Also in the bag was a flannel shirt that I assume belonged to her father, a silky halter style top, an acrylic sweater, some boxers, and a Girl Scout sash, complete with many patches lovingly hand sewn onto it.

It took me several months just to figure out how to approach the project. I knew I couldn't use the acrylic sweater (but may still use the label from the neck of it) or the silky shirt, but came up with what I hope will be the best use of all the stuff.

Here is a sneak preview: t-shirts are framed.

Now I just have to get them placed on the quilt top and then design the strip on the back, which will contain some of their dad's plaid flannel shirt, some of their mother's tattered Irish wedding quilt remains, some of their mother's wedding dress, and part of those boxers!! (just the waistband I think - I think it must bear the name of the sister's favorite college) I will even try to work that Girl Scout sash in somehow, if I can. Though it is pretty neat on it's own.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

easy handmade gift

If you are looking for an easy pattern to have on hand so that you can make quick gifts for your kids to give as birthday gifts, look no further.

This is the Easy As Pie wallet.

I did add a snap tab, which took longer to figure out and sew on the snaps, but the main part of the wallet takes less than one fat quarter and 'sews up' in about 10 minutes.

linen: not for everyone

There are some people who look really good in linen. My mom, for example looks great in linen. She has several linen items in her closet: pants, blouses, even a linen "hoodie". Also, I have a friend, Sue, who is sporting linen every time I see her. She looks cool, relaxed, comfortable... very approachable. My friend, who-must-not-be-named-lest-she-fall-down-the-stairs, just bought a beautiful linen shirt with lovely feminine ruffles. Liz Claiborne. Classic. I, on the other hand, have a pair of black linen pants that look like t-total dog poop.

I used to have a butter yellow linen dress. It was so comfy and I felt lovely in it, but I looked like the side of a barn. Perhaps I need to find a pattern and try to make something myself. Y'know, pants with a side zipper - and maybe half elastic waistband? Dunno. All I know is that I am a linen-wearer-wannabe, but I am on a mission.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

putting people on pedistals

Y'know how you "know" someone on the internet. I have several blogs that I follow and feel like I have known these women for several years. Some of them I admire so much. They are so creative and inspiring and really make me think I can fly. (Ok so that might be going a bit too far. I have not jumped off any tall buildings.)

Ashley at Make It and Love It is one of those people I wish was one of my bestest friends who lived right next door. First of all, she is adorable. She look very much like one of my cousins who is also very inspiring, btw. Ashley makes things look sooo simple. I nearly think I can do some of the stuff she has on her blog. But then I get bombarded by being a mom of 5.

Wonder if some of my favorite bloggers know that I (and perhaps others?) am living vicariously through them?

Do you have any blogger faves?

Monday, July 12, 2010

for a serious coffee-drinkin' friend

A friend of mine came up with this and wanted it embroidered on a tea towel.
I was happy to oblige.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

a green moment

I need to come up with a neat way to recycle the cardboard squares from fat quarter packaging. Seems such a shame to waste them.
Any ideas?