Saturday, July 13, 2013

the long-awaited kappa kappa gamma t-shirt quilt

It only took a year, but I love the way it turned out!
My cousin's oldest daughter asked me (late June 2012) if I would make a quilt out of her favorite college sorority t-shirts.  She gave me two bags that contained twelve tees.
And then through a series of very unfortunate events, the t-shirts ended up getting donated.  I searched half of the southeast, but no luck.
With trepidation, she gave me twelve more.  Every time I thought about her quilt, I thought about the tees that I lost.  And I would go through the stomach churning guilty depression and think, "I'll work on it another day."  Well, that and the fact that I worked on costumes for two major high school musicals and co-chaired a huge auction in addition to the normal role of "momster", but I digress.
Finally I ran out of excuses and started putting fabrics together and got more and more excited about the quilt.  Then I found the adorable pink fleur-de-lis fabric and I couldn't wait to get it finished.  The black with white dot fabric (Michael Miller's Dumb Dot pattern - great fabric, silly name) was the proverbial cherry on top. 
However, with the last stitches of this quilt, I have decided to take a break from sewing.  I don't know how long it will last, maybe a month, maybe five years. 
Anyhoodle.  There ya have it.