Tuesday, January 5, 2010

completely edible

Sewing a ruffle onto a pair of jeans was not my original idea. I will not take credit. I got the brillant project idea from my friend, Tori, who makes adorable outfits like this one all the time. Don't know if she copied the idea from someone else, or just what, but I love it!

I have had a pair of jeans picked out and set back to do this for awhile now. After finishing some mending, which had been waiting for a few months, I pulled the jeans out, went through my stash of fabric, and decided on the cupcakes.

Besides, my own sweet littlest cupcake will be turning 3 soon enough and she needs an oufit, right?

ps - There was material left over which just may have to find its way onto the cuff of a sleeve soon...

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