Wednesday, October 6, 2010

go, watch, now

Several months ago, while browsing blogs about crafts and sewing, I ran across mention of the movie Bright Star. The author of the post was inspired by the sewing genius of Fanny Brawne. I had never heard of the movie and did not know what it was about, but any movie that can inspire someone to sew... I had to see it.
Tonight was a night where nothing was so pressing that I couldn't take 2 hours and watch a movie on Netflix. Hubby had work to do, the four younger children were in bed, and my oldest was working on an essay for 10th grade Honor's Lit Class.
So, I plugged in the ear buds and sat down for 119 minutes of sheer beauty from the silver screen. The cinematography, the costumes, the actors.... all quite delicious!
Here are some pics I found from the movie:

Abbie Cornish as Fannie Brawne reads a letter from her beloved Keats while wearing an indigo hued linen dress lost in a field of blue flowers.

nyum nyum - Ben Whishaw as 19th century poet, John Keats

The different linens used in the film alone was enough to make my heart stop, but this triple pleated collar... sent me over the edge!

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  1. Just checking in....hadn't heard of the movie either..but after your comment I guess I will have to watch it!