Friday, January 13, 2012

the evolution of a sewing studio

Nothing like a little organization to start off the new year!

Last weekend King helped me rearrange my sewing room,
which I think I shall forevermore refer to as
"sewing studio,"
because that sounds so much more lofty and revenue-generating, don'tcha think?

If only.

Anyhoo, I am in total love with the new use I found for the shelves that I placed atop the antique cabinet.  They came from my oldest daughter's dance studio, which changed owners and moved to another location.  The new instructor was not interested in them, so I gave them a home in this same room when it was my youngest daughter's bedroom. 
The cabinet was flipped another way and I had teeny tiny clothes hanging up on teeny tiny tension rods.  Her shoes went in the bottom cubby holes.  Everything fit perfectly.

And then she grew.

And then I moved all three girls into one room.

But I digress.  In this newly organized room, I shall attempt to tackle one of my New Year's resolutions: finish quilts I've started.

Since the rearranging and organizing the roo... er... I mean studio I have already finished a bunch of smaller projects that I've been meaning to do.  Yay!

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  1. Is that the heavy shelf Danny and King carried up the stairs, LOL??? I love your new STUDIO!!!! I am folding fabric on comic book boards as we have to try this!