Monday, November 8, 2010

ok you creative types, riddle me this

Do you ever get into a funk because you aren't able to create something?
Thankfully I have been able to sew quite a bit lately. In fact, I have several fun projects (dress for my youngest, pettiskirt of sorts for my oldest, a couple of easy quilts) and one or two "paying projects"; but do you ever feel the need to create something outside of your sewing room? Something that doesn't require a sewing machine?

Today I bought these leftover pumpkins that I thought would be cool to paint silhouettes on for my dining room (which has a silhouette theme). I wanted to hand paint "Thanks be to God" on the larger of the two pumpkins, but the letters all started going downhill and I just did not have the patience for it. Sadly, I crashed and burned. But my family took me back anyway.

I searched the arts and crafts store looking for either stencils or something that might improve the looks of these pumpkins. To no avail. As I type this, they have what was supposed to be a damask pattern plus a "splatter" effect all over them. Dear God, they look like hell. And while I still Praise God in all things, I am thinking even He is shaking his head and muttering "what in the wwwworld?!?!?!"

I shan't give up. In the meantime, I did finally create something good:
It is a pink feather, tinsel, and glass ornament wreath with shiny silver accents.
Hey, besides the fact that everyone in my family is still alive, it's the only thing salvageable about today.


  1. i love that! it looks gorgeous & so dramatic against the black front door, too!
    hey i am having a creative pregnancy over here. i want to make myself a poncho/cape thing from my old jeans, but am having trouble with how to get started. i've looked at patterns for other types & figured i could potentially make my own, or just wing it (so to speak).
    i wonder if you or any of your readers might be able to help me out with it??

  2. Love this wreath! My front door is still displaying our fall wreath because my creative juices never quite cam through for me for a Christmas one! Thanks for sharing!