Wednesday, November 10, 2010

once upon a time....

...there was a boy whose mother never made him any clothes, because she was always sewing stuff for his younger sister. Then one day, she happened to be in Dollar Tree and noticed the bin of t-shirts. "Oh, it might be nice to applique something on one of these $1 t-shirts," she thought. She noticed that right beside the t-shirt bin, there were cute boxer shorts hanging up that not only were his size, but also matched a black t-shirt nicely. "I know just what I will applique on the front," she muttered to herself, remembering that she had the "boy silhouettes side" from the yard of Michael Miller Silhouette Kids fabric still left over. (The "girl silhouettes side" and diamond pattern were used for pants for.. well, you probably know who they were made for.)

So, she purchased the t-shirt and boxers and 20 or so other items and scurried home.

Iron Iron Iron
Whirr whirr whirr

The End.


  1. NICE! Lucky boy! Anita

  2. And it couldn't be any cuter! I love those $1 tees they have(some of them anyway)...I've even found Disney Store tees!