Thursday, October 15, 2009

latest project

(I wouldn't want anyone to think I was idle.)
I am making a quilt for a young woman who was given my name by a mutual friend. It will be crafted from various clothes that her daughters wore as toddlers, part of her mother's wedding gown, and part of a quilt that her mother made many years before she passed away.
This was the quilt that her mother made.... after many years of being loved by her daughter and grandchildren. What a comfort it must have been to wrap up in its soft, Double Wedding Ringed beauty.


I am being very careful to reinforce each 6x6" square I make from it.


Here are a few of the 9 patch squares I've made. Thought about attempting the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern, but decided since there was such a difference in patterns/textures/types of material, that I'd better not.


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