Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a mother's love: complete

Well, the first quilt I was commissioned to do is complete. Whew! As I mentioned previously, it is made of squares from:
  • an old, tattered double wedding ring quilt
  • the wedding dress from the lady who sewed the double wedding ring quilt
  • hospital gowns from the grandchildren of the above-mentioned lady
  • fabric picked out by the daughter/grandchildren
  • fabric from sentimental garments such as baby dresses
  • misc. fabrics such as jeans

I embroidered a label to go on the back of the quilt. Before I went to that quilt show a couple of weekends back, I didn't know that quilts 'had to' have names.

Naturally, this quilt is called "A Mother's Love".

I stitched in the ditch around each square, first doing all the horizontal lines, starting from the middle, then stitching all the vertical lines in the same manner. Thank the good Lord nothing got messed up or wonky. In fact, the quilt sort of looks like a down comforter on the back. Very cool.

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