Monday, June 21, 2010

the allure of a quilt

If you sew or quilt you have probably had someone ask you to make them something. They are half-joking, but they are also half-serious. When people find out that I make quilts, they joke "when you gonna make me one?" It happens a lot. So much so that I nearly wish I could make one for everybody who asks. "I love ya, man, but, seriously. Really?"

My sister saw the raggy quilt our sewing class made for a friend with cancer and it was just what pushed her over the edge from
It's the allure of a quilt.

What is it about a quilt that nearly everyone loves? Do you think it is the fact that we all crave something handmade? Or does it tap into something left over from childhood? A fever which gave the chills and a loving mother wrapped up her sick child? A picnic memory sitting on grandma's quilt? A cozy fort made with chairs and an old blanket shared by siblings on a particularly memorable rainy day?

What is it that you love about a quilt?


  1. We have a quilt that my husband's grandmother made years and years ago and we treasure it. It's fun to look at the different fabrics and wonder where she got them (they are all recycled from clothing or scraps). You're right...there is just something So appealing and timeless about a quilt.

  2. I love the fact that my Grandmother made my quilt!