Tuesday, June 29, 2010

two dresses

So yesterday I woke up with a desire to be creative with the sewing machine. Finally! After all those Munchkin costumes I had pretty much sworn off using my sewing machine unless absolutely necessary. I wanted to make a dress with a pattern I borrowed from a friend of mine (thanks, Kathlene!). I decided to use scraps, since .... well, since I had them and it's always cheaper that way!

I decided on this satin - black with white polka dots - leftover from last summer when a student of mine used it to made a circle skirt. The pattern is a halter style and has a flounce at the hem. I love flounces. I think it is what drew me in. Kathlene had made one for her daughter and that flounce just beckoned to me. Drew me out of a sewing "funk" really. So, I'm thinking this needs a set of plastic dollar store beads, a silk flower in her hair, and some flip flops and she will be set.

pattern used: New Look 6478 (I used a size 5)


The next dress I made yesterday has a story behind it.

Once upon a time, I had a truckload of bags filled with clothes to donate. After dropping them off, I decided I had a few minutes (the laundry at home could wait) and I went inside to do a little thrift store shopping. I found two squares of this adorable blue gingham check. Each square was about 24" x 24".

One of the pieces had a rabbit applique that no doubt a mom or grandmother was planning on using to make a cute Easter outfit for the wee one in her life. But, as often happens, other things become priority and Easter comes and goes.

Well, I grabbed up the fabric, paid my tab of $1 and brought it home where the fabric sat in my sewing room for nearly a year.

Fast forward to yesterday when I thought I'd make a pillowcase dress. I grabbed some neat ribbon trims and went to town. Once I got all that trimwork on, I decided that the rabbit looked mighty naked. So, she got a dress just like my little girl's.... only the bunny's dress is actually a pocket!

All I need to do now is to make bunn-bunn a face and maybe put a bow between her ears.

Feels great to WANT to sew again. Y'know?

What about you, do you ever get burned out with sewing or scrapbooking or whatever your hobby is?


  1. They are both adorable!!!

  2. MG, Sooooo cute! I am so glad you are back to sewing! We will have to have the girl's do a fashion show with their dresses!! XOXO