Friday, July 30, 2010

a huge chunk out of the way

Back in the fall of last year I was commissioned to make this quilt of love. The young woman for whom I made it asked me earlier this year to make one for her sister. She gave me a ton of t-shirts and equally as many fat quarters. Also in the bag was a flannel shirt that I assume belonged to her father, a silky halter style top, an acrylic sweater, some boxers, and a Girl Scout sash, complete with many patches lovingly hand sewn onto it.

It took me several months just to figure out how to approach the project. I knew I couldn't use the acrylic sweater (but may still use the label from the neck of it) or the silky shirt, but came up with what I hope will be the best use of all the stuff.

Here is a sneak preview: t-shirts are framed.

Now I just have to get them placed on the quilt top and then design the strip on the back, which will contain some of their dad's plaid flannel shirt, some of their mother's tattered Irish wedding quilt remains, some of their mother's wedding dress, and part of those boxers!! (just the waistband I think - I think it must bear the name of the sister's favorite college) I will even try to work that Girl Scout sash in somehow, if I can. Though it is pretty neat on it's own.

Stay tuned!

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