Monday, August 2, 2010


fat quarter: the term given to a quarter of a yard of fabric that is cut as half of half a yard, to produce a "fatter" more square block of fabric rather than cutting the full width of fabric from the bolt. Dimensions are usually around 18" x 22" rather than 9" x 44"
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Is that chocolate brown and blue not scrumptious together? This is a fat quarter bundle, which means there are a number of co-ordinating fabrics, in this set there are 11.

The line is called Aqua Spa by designer Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics.

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  1. likey! those are gorgeous! i see those at walmart & hobby lobby & am always tempted by them.
    whatcha gonna make wit it?

  2. and here all this time i thought a fat quarter was a section of new orleans! (clearly the one in which our ancestors resided.)