Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nap mat tutorial part 2

Step 8 - Time to attach pillowcase! With right sides together, pin top of mat to front, lower edge of pillowcase fabric, stitch in place.

Step 9 - Flip pillowcase fabric over and topstitch onto the back, top of mat.

Step 10 - Place the travel pillow inside pillowcase and fold up so you can start on the straps.

Step 11 - Cut straps 28" (I used nylon and singed the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.), pin into place 5 " inside each edge. Figure out where you want your buttons/button holes to be and adjust strap accordingly before you sew it into place.

Step 12 - Mark where you want button hole to be and sew it. I used the "button hole steps 1-4" that are on my machine. Watch this if your machine does not have this option.

Step 13 - Figure out where you want them and sew on buttons.


All ready to go to school tomorrow!

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