Thursday, September 9, 2010

what's under the needle....

I have two big projects that I am working on. The first is the t-shirt/memory quilt that I am making for the sister of a girl I made a quilt for last year. Yesterday I finally finished attaching the "framed" t-shirt panels.

This was like clearing a blockage, let me tell ya. One of the hardest/most intimidating projects I've worked on yet... well, besides the Munchkin costumes. Which leads me to the other project I am busy with....
an Alice in Wonderland costume, like the one "Char" from Crap I've Made made last year just before Halloween.

photo credit

This is for the daughter of a friend who will, of course, be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. Betcha saw that one coming, huh?
There are also several different embroidery projects waiting in line. Alas, part of my computer software is being repaired and will hopefully be here at the end of the week. I am eager to get these projects done because everyone has been sooo patient. Mother's Morning out "scrubs", a set of towels which is to be a wedding gift, and a couple of backpacks are all waiting to get under the embroidery machine's needle.

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