Thursday, September 23, 2010

for my little peasant girl

Recently, I purchased the "Elizabeth Claire" dress pattern from "Little Lizard King". It was emailed as a PDF and I printed off all the pages (which had written instructions and pictures to go along with each step). In a hormone-induced moment of OCD, I hole punched all the pages and put the pattern in a nice little bradded folder.

But honestly, the idea of making that dress has been burning a hole in my fabric stash until yesterday. I cut out all the pieces the night before and put most of the dress together while the wee ones were at school. Then, today, I finished by sewing the bodice and skirt together and decided to add the optional sash.

Because she is napping (of course) I will have to wait to try it on her, but I love how it turned out in two dimensions at least. The pattern gives options for short, 3/4, or long sleeves. This is the 3/4 done in a peasant style.


  1. Awaiting a picture of our cutest model.

  2. That is lovely - I especially love your choice of fabrics!!

  3. You are so sweet and so talented as well! Isn't it torture waiting for her to wake up? Almost enough to wake her from the nap - ALMOST! It's funny, because most days we hope they keep napping; on days like this, we want them to wake up quickly!