Monday, August 17, 2009

currently working on: bon voyage

Using Children's Corner pattern 242 ("Charlotte") I am making an A-line swing dress with a travel Europe theme. It is fully lined in a lightweight, black, polyester fabric. I think it would be adorable either paired with black/red/white, or with a cream/brown/red palate.
It is going to be a perfect weight for either fall or winter here in the south, where it doesn't get too awfully cold. Bobby socks and red Mary Janes would go well during the Indian summer and would still be cool enough; black tights, shiny black MJs and a turtleneck or blouse with a peter pan collar would be just what our little well-dressed traveler needed to keep the cold wind at bay during the winter months.
The thing I can't decide on is whether to put the 5 buttons on or to use frog closures. I am so seeing the frogs. I actually have antique jet buttons, which would be the sweetest thing ever, but alas, I can't decide. I am not the world's best buttonhole maker and I would just pass out if I screwed them up.
Wanna weigh in on the decision?

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  1. love the new blog!

    this little dress is adorable -- i am picturing frogs for sure!!