Wednesday, August 19, 2009

reversible apron and a lot more

A friend of mine (I may have mentioned her before) used to sell Kelly's Kids children's clothing. She kept all the 12 x 12 applique samples all this time because she just couldn't bear to get rid of them. She asked me to make a quilt from them.
So I did.

But I also had several left over. Here's what I did with the remaining blocks.

Halloween Bag

Christmas Pillows

Reversible apron
One side is made with a Christmas panel and the other is recycled materials (blue jeans, gingham baby bubble outfit).


  1. Now I understand why you stay up late!!!! I am amazed at your productivity. I am still working on vacation laundry! : )

  2. cute blanket!!! I just noticed also on your profile that you like sound of music and mary poppins....we watch at least one of those a day in our house ;)

  3. That apron is perfection. Beside the whole thing what is even cooler, is that she has jeans JUST like that (same pockets) and she will think that is amazing. Ooooo I can't wait til it's time to bake Christmas goodies!!! She will LOVE IT!!!