Friday, August 21, 2009

men's dress shirt refashioned #2

I have a stash of men's dress shirts that I bought at thrift stores for $1 or so each. I turned one into a dress recently and it was so much fun that I wanted to do another. But I wanted to try another style. I grabbed one of my new patterns, Children's Corner # 230, and started cutting.

Since the dress is designed to button up the back ("Miss Mary Mack" has been going through my head all day) I decided to use the shirt's existing plackets. The pattern is supposed to be fully lined, however I just made bias tape and used them on the armholes. I did for a moment consider having the dress be reversible, but then got over it. Another day perhaps.

The cool thing about today's dress is that I reused the collar. It bugged me that it was just sitting there in the pile of cutaways. It just barely fit (I cut a size 4) but I think it turned out nicely, don't you?

After trying it on my youngest daughter, I decided it needed a belt for now and *tah dah* it's now a shirtwaist dress. Only one problem: I think the other girls are getting jealous.

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  1. So cute and so classic looking! Boy now we'll never look at men's dress shirts the same again, LOL!!!